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This is not just an ordinary book.

It’s a powerful and inspiring read that offers guidance and motivation through real-life stories from Jerusalem and all around the world.

It’s for you if in life you follow the compass of faith, but sometimes you lack hope. Or sometimes love. Or, if you have lost that compass altogether, but want to find it again. So that – in times when it’s increasingly hard to trust others, and even yourself, you can finally stop being afraid and hand over the controls to the Best Scriptwriter in the World. And then, in your life, GREAT THINGS will start happening. This book will show you the way.

This book is bursting with joy. I read it in one breath. I had no choice. I had to put everything aside for a few hours, because when I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

Artur Żmijewski


This book was commissioned. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. Who is the editor-in-chief? You won’t believe it! Or maybe… you will believe it? I will tell you a few stories from my life in it. About how, when I went against everything, and especially myself, and let go and trusted, miracles began happening in my life. And what kind of miracles!

Something tells me… you know what I’m talking about! When I started writing it, on Jamna, I thought I was writing it for others. When I finished writing it, by the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in Tabgha, I understood that the Best Scriptwriter in the World, wrote it, with my hands, for myself! And not just one, but three volumes: Trust. Let go. Love. He just can’t ever give less! And what a sense of humor he has…!

And I can’t stop thanking him for His Patience and tender care, when the threads in my story, called life, were tangled. When I struggled to turn the pages, filled with fear and anxiety, looking for even a glimpse of hope. When I lost trust in everyone, and most of all in myself.

Until finally, the Best Scriptwriter in the World showed me, step by step, choice by choice, how to find the good pages of life. Written with nothing but love…


Artur Żmijewski

Actor, director

This book is contagious with joy. I read it in one breath. I had no choice. I had to put everything aside for a few hours because once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

This is not a „church” book. It’s a book for those who are looking for signs. Good for anyone who is looking for their way and doesn’t know how to start. It shows that you are not alone in this world.
The story about the author’s grandparents touched me the most. I feel such a connection between generations…

The stories that Monika Górska answers are fascinating. When seemingly simple, everyday events suddenly take on Meaning. And the magic begins…


Marek Kamiński

Polar explorer

Reading this book was a great adventure and a great experience. Monika Górska’s book is like a mirror in which everyone can look at themselves and see what they have in common. How much we have in common. In the midst of many things, we often don’t have time to look at ourselves. Reading about others, we can see our own lives. The sinusoid of failures and successes is part of it. Failures build our lives – faith, love, hope, loved ones, relationships – I can identify with that. In this book, I saw myself.

It is a book about being faithful to oneself, one’s calling, about following intuition. About how to combine spirituality with work. Full of great humility towards the world.

Interesting, modern form – moving, unexpected, different. Short sentences, engaging stories that quickly get to the point. As if time didn’t matter. One day is like eternity, and eternity is like one day. What is most important is always present and thanks to this book, it will be forever.


Katarzyna Granops-Szkoda

CEO & President of the Management Board in Efficient Marketing

I bought this book with the intention of just browsing through it now and reading it over the holidays. So I took it to the bath and… I had to keep adding more warm water, I sat there for an hour and a half. I thought this copy would still be good as a present for a close person to me, but now I know I have to order another one. This one stays with me!


Hanna Koźmińska

Editor of TRUST!

I envy people who will be reading this book for the first time. I have read it 5 times already and every time I discover something new.


Patrycja Dębska,


I consider this book one of the most important in my reading life because of how close its story is to my heart. Under most sentences, I wanted to shout „Yes, I’ve also experienced this!” The book is a collection of stories from the author’s life that connect in a non-random way. Each of these stories leads us to the next and together they show an incredibly emotional picture of a beautiful life. Each of these stories could be a separate book and there are so many threads that I would like to ask the Author about. The book is read in one breath. The stories are not dragged out, quite the opposite, they are optimal. They have dynamics, and the turns of events are surprising, like our lives. This book caused a wave of emotions in me. In a few moments, I was moved to tears. Monika writes with images, which when combined with photos, only increases the emotions that arise through the story being told. The book is beautifully designed. I enjoy holding it in my hand and I regret putting it on the shelf.

Natalia Chromińska

CEO of the Welfare Foundation

This book is like a good Netflix series. You just want to keep reading it. You read it with all your senses. I feel, see, taste, and hear it.




I didn’t expect such content in the book. It’s the first time in my life I’m reading words in a book that resonate with what I have inside of myself. Thank you for this book. Trust! is difficult for me. I feel that with this book, a lot will change in my life.

Katarzyna Kunowska

Lecturer, trainer, consultant

My wife, Agnieszka, devoured the book in one Sunday after receiving it and said, 'Now you have to read it.’ I also want to thank you – I finished it this morning, including the acknowledgments section, which I really enjoy reading in books. TRUST! is like a brick on our path, or rather, a solid gate built from many important bricks.

Jacek Romański

Agile-Lean consultant, trainer

This book is for those who have given up and unhooked their wings to start sweeping with them because they feel they have done everything to fly, only forgetting to wait for the Wind! And it blows wherever it wants to blow! But what good is the Wind to you if your wings have been in the closet for a long time and you’re not ready? Thank you for this book!

Agnieszka Chrostowska

Marketing specialist, vocalist of the Siewcy Lednicy band.

This book is like a breath of fresh air.

Jacek Grześkowiak

Graphic designer of TRUST!

You have a unique gift for painting a story in which the reader sees and feels the color of the light reflections, feels the texture of an ancient wall under their fingertips, feels their heart beating wildly when it’s time to make those particular decisions…

Sebastian Margalski

It’s not just reading, she absorbs me ❤️ I want more!!!

Anna Niewolnik

Monika, I’m just sitting here and reading. Your stories are like pieces of glass in a stained glass window – beautiful, but only as a whole, like a stained glass window, they make an incredible impression.

Aleksandra Szmyd

I started reading this book at a time when I was having panic and anxiety attacks caused by a traumatic experience where I was deceived and exploited. Your words became a balm and a comfort to me. I lost my voice and was coughing terribly… Today, not only do I speak, but I have regained my clarity of voice. Even without realizing it, you became my angel. Thank you! Keep writing.


I couldn’t tear myself away from reading and experiencing. I don’t know how I’ll wait for the next books.

Wacława Wojtala

I’m reading… savoring… pacing myself… I want to stay in this state as long as possible. Please don’t wait with the second volume. And also not with the third one!

Patrycja Dębska

I savored this book slowly, piece by piece. Like a cake. Or the most delicious cheesecake (from Paradise). And when I read the last sentence, I shouted like Donkey from Shrek: 'I want to read it again!’ I am not surprised that so many people wrote that they found themselves in it – I found myself too… I don’t know how you do it, as people are so different and have such different histories… It’s a bit like you found some common denominator, a common key, touched on the essence… of humanity? Monika, thank you for this book!

A. Tomaszewska

I have never read books from the thriller/crime genre, but I suspect that fans of this type of literature read with the same tension and anticipation for the next part of the adventure as I do with 'TRUST!.’ I would also add that it has a calming effect :)


Thank you, Monika, for your honest and true autobiography with a message… it’s a great read and in some places, you can find yourself in your struggles… Your guiding principle to follow the voice of the heart, often into uncertainty, which can lead you where you never thought you would go, is a very accurate and necessary one… May the Best Screenwriter continue to guide you, and anyone who comes across your valuable story from real life…

Anna Purol

The whole book TRUST! is a great celebration of life and a remedy for its difficult moments.

Elżbieta Łyszkowska

It’s different from other books. It’s not just storytelling, it’s valuetelling.

Artur Bojsza

My mom read 'TRUST!’ and said she feels like reading it again from the beginning, and she’s reading it.

dr Katarzyna Stachnik


The entire book TRUST! is a great celebration of life and a remedy for its difficult moments.

Elżbieta Łyszkowska

This is not a good book. I don’t read good books. I don’t have time for them. I only read very good books. And only such can I recommend. „TRUST!” is a very good book. How to trust God, the Best Screenwriter in the World? Monika Górska, in her extraordinary book „TRUST!”, gives me a lot of answers and hints to this very important, life question. She does it in a truly masterful way. I had the impression that Monika took me by the hand and led me through the story of her life.

Arkadiusz Piotr Tomczyk

BOGActwo Rozwoju

Dear Monika, thank you for the book „TRUST!”. And for the great testimony of faith. I am amazed by you, your experiences, courage, and strength in overcoming difficulties. It was hard for me to put the book down, I went through the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem with you at night, and I had a meeting with Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, and I also experienced your mother’s passing. You have a gift for conveying these life stories. Thank you for this book.

Anna Kordyjasz

Who is the author DR MONIKA GÓRSKA?

Monika Górska

Once upon a time, she told other people’s stories on TVP. Then, at the Storytelling Factory, she began teaching others how to tell their own. Now, in her books, she tells her own stories, although not only written by human hand. To make the world a better place.

Founder of the Master School of Business Storytelling and the Online Video Storytelling Academy. Creator of popular online courses, mentor, academic lecturer, and author of, among others, the textbook Visual Storytelling. How to tell with video language (PWN), awarded in the Trainer’s Book 2019 competition and also a trainer for GOOGLE News Initiative, among others.

In addition to business experience, she is probably the only storytelling specialist in Poland with such deep practical experience. She is also a journalist, director, and screenwriter of 160 films, broadcasted and awarded at festivals around the world. She is also a three-time TEDx speaker, as well as a business consultant who helps small and large companies choose, create and tell fascinating stories, to strengthen their brand.

Among her clients are managers and leaders of companies such as INTEL, ENEA, LUX MED, GSK, SANOFI, VOX, Amica, Capgemini, WSB, CDV, as well as lecturers from Jagiellonian University and Poznan University of Technology.

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I read books slowly, just like legal texts. Words, commas, and conjunctions are important. But I read Monika Górska’s book „TRUST!” in one afternoon. Not because I know Monika Górska personally. Not because I know some of the stories from her life described in the book. And not because I was interested in the experiences from Jerusalem, where I have not been yet. It’s because this book is written in beautiful Polish language. The well-arranged text makes it easy to notice all the important thoughts. But above all, it is about the real life of a very true contemporary woman. A woman who has the courage to openly share her emotions, her not accidental accidents, and reflections on the role of „The Best Screenwriter in the World.”

She paints her own picture, without avoiding showing her doubts, amazements, and mistrusts.

The author and protagonist of this book follows the principle – Trust, but also Act – in her ordinary, extraordinary life. That is why the narrative in this book is very dynamic. A lot of things happen. Images are so suggestively told by words that only a little bit of imagination and sensitivity is enough to see, feel, and experience something with the author or at least understand her.

Sometimes even to think – I had it that way too. I highly recommend it. I recommend it to believers and those who do not believe, and to those who do not know if they believe.

Elżbieta Grzelak


A well-known journalist, storytelling coach, and businesswoman Monika Górska’s publication has been released on the market. The book’s title encourages readers to focus on personal and professional values during times of crisis, uncertainty, and BANI, after the VUCA period, when we are closer to what is personal, when we prioritize individual priorities, and choose what is individual rather than collective. Critical thinking and a focus on well-being based on our needs, not just physical but primarily emotional – satisfaction, fulfillment, and gratification – are more frequently accompanying us. The book perfectly captures the duality of the time in which we live, our often dual functioning – deeply rooted rationalism and the sphere of magical, spiritual thinking.

This publication is written with exceptional literary precision – an epic narrative of both physical and inner journeys combines the sphere of something real and tangible – following the process, dealing with argumentation, criticism, including internal criticism, using the budget, tools in line with the spirit of KAIZEN and what we have available, with what is called the sacrum – holiness, spirituality, and religion. In this case, the reader’s guide is also a somewhat hidden character, whom we get to know through the adventures of the main character and the author herself – a religious and historical figure – Jesus of Nazareth, shown in extraordinary ways – through places and people. But don’t worry – after reading this book, you won’t become a saint, nor will anyone cunningly persuade you to become a Catholic during its course. Is it a book for Catholics? Yes and no. It’s a book of defiance. When you usually say that you are devouring a book, this time you are mistaken – this reading devours you. Wanting to learn how to trust – this is what you want to learn from this publication, and in the meantime, you learn how to run a company, how to make decisions, how to follow yourself, how to build a support group, how to follow your voice – regardless of whether you are a believer or not. And if you are a believer? You will find the answer here on how to survive or rather how to start living in Polish Catholicism – the one that is alive in people, not in rituals.

There is one more layer – the layer of crossing borders that we adults so assertively value, set, and defend. Borders that are often seemingly impossible. And here, an inspiring person can come to mind for many, also mentioned in the book as one of the significant figures for the author and for the masterfully woven story itself. What connects the expedition to the Pole with telling a story? Everything and nothing. Both have logic, the logic of following. Following oneself. Logic that comes from where it shouldn’t be, from the heart that each of us has, whether we want it or not. „Trust” is also a reading about change – oneself, how we perceive others, and life. And if you think that after reading it…

Katarzyna Kunowska

Lecturer, trainer, consultant

Trust is an extraordinary book about life experiences, but also about business and the difficult moments and choices that entrepreneurs must face. I read the first 100 pages in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down because I had a fascinating story in front of me, in which anyone who sometimes asks themselves the question „am I cut out for this/ am I good enough/ should I dare to change something in my life” will find inspiration. The first hundred pages covered many topics about courage in life, decisions related to transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship, and finally, ethics in business. And then… I stopped reading for almost three weeks. The following chapters were devoted to religious issues and were a testimony of great faith and an analysis of experiences associated with those feelings. I paused because these reflections were not as close to me as the first part of the book, and I wondered, „Is this really for me?” And… when I returned to the book, I devoured the rest of it in one evening. I then realized that „Trust” is actually a very universal story about courage and shaping one’s own mindset. But not in the sense that is very often encountered nowadays, namely „visualize and it will be given to you” – it is a book full of personal experiences (often difficult) of a brave entrepreneur who, based on her own experiences, tells us in a wise and warm way that sometimes it is not worth analyzing so much, but you just have to trust. Intuition, fate, or maybe even a „providence” watching over us – everyone can interpret it according to their own feelings. However, the message of the book is strong and resonates strongly with the reader, thanks to the masterful storytelling. In a time when so much is said about the „impostor syndrome,” when we still see the nagging neon sign „am I good enough,” it is worth considering a completely different strategy – maybe not thinking so much, taking a deep breath and… trusting? Monika Górska encouraged me to do so.

Katarzyna Granops-Szkoda

CEO & President of the Management Board in Efficient Marketing

This book is like a beautifully woven scarf made of noble fibers. Each thread – each sentence, each story carries wisdom, reflections, and emotions. However, it is precisely in its entirety, intertwined with each other, that they are the most beautiful and show the whole Big Picture.

The author reveals to us further fragments, connects, weaves with the utmost care, showing the deep meaning of our sometimes seemingly senseless life. This book encourages us to look at our lives from a bird’s eye view. To discover new meanings in the stories already told. And to open ourselves up to new beautiful Cases.


Anna Sikorska

Career counselor at Ciesz Się Przyszłością.

This is not a book for one evening. Monika Górska – a storytelling specialist known, among others, for her reports and teaching of storytelling – leads the reader leisurely, smoothly moving from one thread to another. Therefore, it is better to savor the book over a longer period of time. And there is a lot to read.

The book will appeal to introverts who dream of a trip to the Holy Land but are afraid of crowds (it turns out it can be done differently!). Believers who will gladly read a mature testimony of a long-standing friendship with the Lord. Journalists and reporters who like to listen to stories from someone in the industry and understand the thrill of emotions when they meet an extraordinary interviewee (and sometimes wonder about the limits of their work). History and genealogy enthusiasts, especially those connected with Kashubia. And to readers who knew Father Jan Góra, worshippers of Father Pio, and admirers of good poets. Also, to those who are building relationships with a growing child and a parent planning a trip to the blue meadows.

Dreamers who plan their travels in their heads, not only abroad. And conversely, to those who are tired of planning because something in their life still doesn’t work out. The author believes that there is always something that can be done with a seemingly unsuccessful story. Above the scenarios of Monika Górska (and not only hers) there is still someone – her Friend, whom she calls the Best Screenwriter in the World. Sometimes, he can be annoying, but more often than not, he surprises very positively.

Perhaps that’s why the cover encourages us to jump into the clouds. In addition to the good read, there is also the graphic design and careful editorial work of Hanna Koźmińska. And since two more parts are in preparation – I am looking forward to more!

Renata Czerwińska

Journalist, copywriter

I deeply believe that the right books appear in our lives at the right time. I haven’t read such a captivating story in a long time. Monika Górska has created such a perfect plot that at times I felt like she was giving me her journal notes. And yet, despite very personal and profound confessions, discretion and mystery were preserved. And the way she builds tension! I couldn’t stop reading until page 200. It’s not easy to share thoughts on spirituality and faith, but Monika does it in such a subtle and masterful way, full of humor and joy! Monika paints word pictures in your mind – as you read, you feel like you’re in all the places she talks about. You almost sense all the smells, sounds, and colors with all your senses. Sadly, I finished reading it and… well, I’m waiting for the next parts. I also thank Monika for being a graduate of the Master Storytelling School and even an Oscar winner, and I could remember all the secrets of the SYKOMOR. I recommend the book „TRUST!” as a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Dorota Lubas

Pracownia Rozwoju i Terapii Kreska